We know that most of the international filmmakers seek beautiful locations and most of all maximum security. Well, the place is Morocco. It is probably the safest Arab/Muslim country in this world of religious and ethnical conflicts. The Kingdom of Morocco is known for many of its unique values of tolerance, cohabitation and hospitality. During this moment of mounting global tension, we can guarantee a tightly secure, safe and friendly environment to all our potential clients who are making Morocco their filming destination. We can go way beyond your great expectations in assuming this important role.


By the intermediary specific role of the CCM (Centre Cinematographique Marocain) with the local and national authorities, a combination of all official bodies of the State, namely, the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, the Royal Gendarmerie and the Police forces play an enormous role in establishing security and utmost safety for the homeland security. The Police and the Royal Gendarmerie forces are always present during our prep/shoot/wrap period to ensure a heightened security for the entire production crew. We work very hard to create a secure and safe environment that allows our clients to concentrate on their work. Thanks to His Majesty, our King has worked diligently to encourage film makers to come to Morocco. Hehas given strict instructions to implement a VAT exemption on all goods and services purchased in the country. He also encouraged the simplification of customs clearance procedure for import and export of the technical equipment; the simplification of the temporary importation procedure of arms and ammunition required for all filming purposes. The Ministry of Culture reduced its fees and requires the payment of only symbolic fees for historical sites.

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